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For the longest time, I have had to live my life with poor vision. I know that it sounds extremely dangerous and everything, but I just avoid any activities that would put someone in danger because of me. Like driving, for example. I had looked all over Tulsa and some nearby cities, but still somehow I could not seem to find a Tulsa optometrist that could meet every single one of my needs. I don’t make enough money to spend hundreds of dollars on each visit to the Tulsa eye clinic, so I needed to find somewhere that could offer me affordable service and great service.

To me, it just seemed that each place only offered one or the other. With as much competition in Tulsa as there was, how could there not be a place like that? Eventually it came to the point where I had to ask my friends for help, as vision is a basic necessity for life. It would be like trying to live without arms or something. This was two years ago, and I have not had to look anywhere else since then. Dr Zoellner & Associates helped me to find the right prescription lenses, and let me take my wallet home with me afterwards as well.

Maybe I should just become a Tulsa optometrist, and help myself? I wonder if that is why some people think about going into the profession. I don’t see why people want to become Tulsa eye doctors, but maybe it is just because it’s a growing field. Although if you pick a town to set up in, make sure you’re not competing with Dr Zoellner & Associates. This certainly isn’t their first positive online review, and I know that it is not going to be their last.

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Especially not if I can put all of my thoughts into a second one. Close your eyes and try to imagine a checklist of all the things you would look for specifically in Tulsa optometry. For me, I feel like service, price, and experience are the major three. I’ll address them in order, that way it doesn’t get too confusing. First, the service.

It didn’t take me very long at all to make an appointment, and once I did the doctor met me right away. There was no wait because they were busy with another patient, or anything like that. All of my concerns were addressed, and I got my prescription and eye exam done that day. It’s not every day that you meet such reliable and down to earth professionals. On top of this, my prescription came really fast.

It was like my doctor understood the urgency of my situation, and got them to somehow arrive faster. I didn’t have to pay that much at all, since Dr Zoellner & Associates is the home of the $99 deal for an eye exam and glasses. Pretty great, if you ask me. Last but not least, the experience of the doctor.

I visited one Tulsa optometrist who I am pretty sure had never made an appointment with a patient before, so he was very unreliable and timid. I am no longer afraid of booking an appointment, and for that I thank you, Dr Zoellner & Associates.