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I recently moved out, and now that there are no more parents around to cook meals, I have started to eat out more often. A lot more often, in fact. Since a lot of restaurants in Miami can be on the expensive side, I decided to make this list of the restaurants with the most bang for your buck. Just in case there are some people out there who don’t know where to go.

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Now, technically, Delirio Fresh Co is a juice bar. However, you wouldn’t be able to guess that upon first entering. With the way the waiters carry themselves and act professionally, you would think you were in another great restaurant. That’s why I always see it as a restaurant, in my personal opinion. I’ll be reviewing each of these restaurants based off of four categories: food quality, service, sanitation, and ambience. First up, the quality of the food. This one’s going to start to get redundant, because I enjoy the food of each restaurant on this list.

Why would I have included it otherwise? Defeats the purpose of going into a restaurant. Delirio Fresh Co’s menu should appeal to everyone, because it’s a vegan restaurant in Miami. What else could you possibly need? It’s a good thing they put fresh in the title, because i can’t emphasize that part enough. The food tastes like the chefs just have a tiny little garden sitting in the kitchen and they pull some crops out whenever they need ingredients. My personal favorite dish to order is the quinoa thai wrap, but I also enjoy getting the quinoa arepa and detox smoothie.

Miami needs more restaurants like this, to counteract all the unhealthy grease and fats everyone consumes on a daily basis. Next up, I have to mention the service. Each time you come in, there’s always someone at the front to greet (and seat) you. Delirio Fresh Co tends to get packed during the busier times of the day, because it’s growing in popularity. Fortunately for us customers, the owner still manages to keep the line moving as you wait for a seat. This restaurant also caters, so you don’t even really have to eat at the location if you don’t have time or you are eating with a large party.

Delirio Fresh Co is located just east of the Miami International Airport, so you could probably also just order food and have it ready for you when you get off your plan. That kind of planning would take a real logistics expert. All of the serves are very friendly and helpful, and it helps that they have the menu memorized. I’ve eaten at a couple places where the waiters didn’t know what dish I was talking about, and sometimes the menus even have typos on them! Finally, there’s the decor. Delirio Fresh Co has a few windows, so don’t worry about sitting in the darkness and trying to eat.

In fact, the lighting is balanced well and creates a good, happy environment. Food always tastes better when you’re happy. The artwork creates a nice image as well, and if it wasn’t busy I would probably just kick back and read a book while eating at my favorite restaurant. Overall, a very enjoyable restaurant. For anybody who is still on the fence of whether or not to try it, read all of Delirio Fresh Co’s positive reviews on yelp and google.

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These next two reviews are likely going to be shorter, as each one of the restaurants share a common theme of being extremely good in all aspects of management. Here, you’ll be dining right on the Miami coast. It’s a great view. Truluck’s is definitely the classiest restaurant on this list, because it’s a steakhouse. The chefs didn’t stop there, though. Truluck’s serves great steaks AND great seafood. Ever since the waitress suggested it to me the first time, I’ve been hooked on the surf and turf. It’s a lobster tail with a fillet, and it is killer.

Don’t worry about spending your whole paycheck on an expensive dinner, though. This Miami restaurant offers food in the more affordable range of pricing, and still serves great proportions. Typically when you see prices this good, it’s because they only give you a spoonful of fish. I don’t doubt that the chefs are great at what they do, and last time I ate there I was so curious that I decided to see for myself. As the owner approached my table to make sure all the food was good, I asked him if I could take a look at the kitchen.

I work for a Miami hood cleaning business, so I’m able to offer advice on what health inspectors are looking for in a kitchen. He was apprehensive at first, but agreed nonetheless. As I inspected Trulucks’ kitchen, I noticed that their exhaust hood was spotless. I told the owner that there was no additional help I could offer, as they had already employed the service of an amazing hood cleaning company. If you still don’t believe the great things I’m saying, look at all of the great online reviews.

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Time to end this list with a bang. The Big Cheese of Miami serves food that is both great and affordable, but with great outdoor scenery nearby. South Miami has some nice buildings, but I doubt you would want to eat Italian food on the go. If you think the last two restaurants have a great menu, wait until you eat here. I don’t even have a favorite entree, because I spend most of my time eating the garlic bread rolls each time I dine here.

Each one of the aspects that the last two restaurants get right is only amplified here, which is why I don’t have to use as many words. If you want me to put it into math terms, this restaurant is an 11/10. The Big Cheese of Miami deserves all the great things people are saying about it, and I wish I could have left a very good review very good review for each time I have enjoyed a meal here.