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If you have never been to Phoenix, then it would make sense that unfamiliar with the food. You either love the food life in Phoenix, or you have never been. I have visited here for quite few times, so I have eaten at pretty much every restaurant in town. Because they are always coming and going, I’m forced to review the top three ones each time they change.

Fortunately for me, this only results in me eating more great food all of the time. Even if you do not live in Phoenix, or Arizona for that matter, I would still recommend reading these reviews. That way you can know what to look for in restaurants, as well.

phoenix restaurant with pork

The first restaurant that I would encourage you to try is Times Square Neighborhood Italian Restaurant. I have eaten here so many times that I’m pretty sure I have tried all of their different dishes (which there are a lot of), and I still want to keep coming back for more. Sometimes I just consider moving to North Phoenix, so I can be closer to the great restaurants. Food isn’t everything, though. As the name suggests, Times Square Neighborhood Italian Restaurant serves food with a quality that implies it came directly from New York City itself. The only thing that they didn’t bring along was the high prices, but I will get into that later.

Upon first entering this fine establishment, try to think of the first that you will notice. For me, whenever I enter a restaurant the first thing that I notice is the aesthetic. Personally, I think that Italian restaurants will always look the best. It is probably just part of the culture, but I have never eaten in an ugly Italian restaurant. The time of day and lighting outside will never make a difference, as the management somehow maintains the same level of light no matter what. The fact that they care this much about how good the restaurant looks is already a good sign, and I haven’t even gotten into the food yet.

Most people can think of a few basic dishes like lasagna and spaghetti when they think of Italian food, but my favorites from Times Square Neighborhood Italian Restaurant are the Pasta Giovanni and the Pollo de Marconi. Not once have I seen someone send their food back, so that is another good sign. Even if you don’t think that you will like the food very much, there should be something on the menu for everyone. The chefs are very flexible with the recipes, so if you have any special requests (like meat-free) then they should always be able to accommodate you.

Another thing that I love about Times Square Neighborhood Italian Restaurant is the amazing service. My glass is always full, and the moment I need something it’s like my waiter read my mind. Each waiter knows the full extent of the menu, so don’t be shy and ask them any questions you can think of. One thing that I can’t stand at restaurants is when the wait staff does a subpar job and then expects you to cough up a tip, because they worked so hard for it.

At Times Square Neighborhood Italian Restaurant they really go out of their way to earn it, and that’s how all restaurant staff should be. It’s compensation for hard work, which is a privilege and not a right. Now that you have heard all of my thoughts, you have two options: go to Times Square Neighborhood Italian Restaurant and try it out for yourself, or read some other positive online reviews beforehand.

phoenix pulled pork sandwich

I understand that Italian isn’t for everyone regardless, so hopefully one of these next two restaurants piques your interest. If you’re into catchy names, this just might be the restaurant for you. How does Pork and Fork sound? Barbecued food is definitely my favorite style of cuisine, but I held off solely because Italian food in Phoenix could use some more recognition. I’m not sure where they got the title’s “Fork” part from, because I only eat BBQ with my bare hands.

Pork on a Fork is located near Northwest Industrial Airpark in Phoenix Northwest Industrial Airpark in Phoenix, which isn’t an especially beautiful side of town. However, there are still plenty of activities to do nearby. This time around, my favorite food to order is the pulled pork sandwich with the pork and beans. It is quite possible that I will never get tired of eating at Pork on a Fork, and that is exactly what they are looking for in a customer as well.

One thing that I would like to point out about this Phoenix restaurant is their level of sanitation. The waiters will always go above and beyond to make sure everything is clean, and I go out of my way to thank them each time. Tables aren’t the only thing that need to stay clean though, especially in a BBQ restaurant.

I have some friends who work together at Phoenix Hood Cleaning, and they have rescued more than one BBQ restaurant from a potential grease fire caused by poor maintenance. It can happen to anyone, so make sure to contact them at if you are a restaurant owner. How are you supposed to get amazing reviews when your restaurant is a pile of ash?

asian fusion restaurant phoenix

Last but not least, if you still remain unimpressed then hopefully Asian food will be enough to whet your appetite. You’re still not out of luck either way, though. I can recommend plenty of other great Phoenix restaurants if it becomes necessary. Now, George & Son’s Asian Cuisine is an Asian fusion restaurant. This means that the people who designed the menu are combined aspects of different foods with their own to create a new hybrid.

So far I have seen this done very well, and George & Son’s Asian Cuisine has not disappointed me in any way. Everything that you would seek out in a great Phoenix restaurant can be found in George & Son’s Asian Cuisine, and plenty more. Now, George & Son’s Asian Cuisine is just another great restaurant that you will find in Deer Valley in Phoenix.

Whether you come here for the food, the atmosphere, or the smiling faces, just make sure to do it frequently. There are plenty of regulars who eat here. How do I know that? I did my research, of course, by reading the many great online reviews.