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Lately I’ve been eating some pretty bad restaurants in Orlando, so I thought that I should just go back to my old favorites. There’s nothing wrong with the classics, after all. To ease the minds of anyone in Orlando who can’t find a good meal, I decided to use my food critic’s perception of restaurants and help them locate a potential new favorite restaurant.

rigazzis orlando italian pizza restaurant

Ragazzi’s is still relatively new to Orlando, but that doesn’t stop it from asserting its place at the top.This restaurant is on the classier end of the spectrum, so don’t come in expecting bad food or waiters dressed like they’re homeless. Everything inside of the restaurant looks fresh and clean, but I’ll get to that later in the review. Make sure to be in the neighborhood of Edgewater High School in Orlando, because it’s only a block or two away from the location. There’s some nice scenery not too far, at Lake Silver or Lake Fairview Before I start, I have to explain the template I use for each review.

Every restaurant must have good food, a clean interior, great service, and at least some form of decor. Nobody wants to eat in an ugly restaurant. First up, there’s the food. Not only does Ragazzi’s offer a great selection of food, but the menu is attractive and error free. It may sound weird to some that the menu looked attractive, but I genuinely enjoyed reading it. Clearly the owner cares enough about the customer’s experience that he wants to make sure you even enjoy reading. Ragazzi’s has a wide variety of drinks as well, for all you adults out there. Don’t be afraid to try multiple drinks, either, as long as you have some form of ride home.

Orlando has plenty of Uber drivers. Even though it’s more of a pizza place, the Greek salad is my personal favorite item to order on the menu. Each entree (and appetizer, for that matter) that I have ordered has always tasted very fresh and original. The chefs must have some kind of mini garden in their fridge that they regularly tend to. The service at this restaurant is among the best you’ll ever find in Orlando. Each waiter regularly fills your glass, but stays out of your way enough to let you enjoy your meal. One of the must frustrating things at restaurants is when a waiter or waitress constantly bugs you as you’re trying to eat.

Or when they can visibly see you making conversation with someone and then just butt in. Maybe it’s just me. On nights when Ragazzi’s gets packed (even more so than usual), the owner will even stand in as an additional waiter. Personally, I think he’s the best waiter there. And that’s saying a lot, because the wait staff is all very good at what they do. You can tell that they enjoy their job, as they smile and ask if you need anything else.

Anyone can feign happiness, but everyone can actually be happy as they serve others. As for the decor, just try to imagine something that you would see in Olive Garden. Nice paintings cover the walls, and it’s not so much that there’s a sensory overload. You can take my word for it, or you can always just look online at yelp and google and scan through the big pile of positive online reviews.

oriental restaurant in orlando

Next, for my favorite kind of food. That would be oriental food. Sticky Rice Lao Street Food sounds more like a food truck than anything, since it states “street food” in the title. However, is has quickly become one of my favorite Orlando restaurants within the past year. Sticky Rice Lao Street Food is found in Northeast Orlando, a pretty nice neighborhood. Almost every time I eat here, I order something different. The waitresses always have something different to suggest for me, which really says a lot about their menu.

In fact, the waitresses might be my favorite part of Sticky Rice Lao Street Food. They are all very kind and helpful, and know a lot about each dish that they serve. I have actually eaten at a few restaurants where the wait staff could barely remember what they served on the menu. My favorite dish is the khao piek sen, and I have literally no idea what is in it. Some kind of meat, I guess. Part of me feels like if I learn what ingredients are in it, then that will detract from the mystique and uniqueness that make it so special to me.

Cleanliness is imperative here, because the aforementioned wait staff won’t even let you sit down if your table sit dirty. It may seem like an annoyance to some people who just want to kick back and relax and look at the menu, but to me it’s a sign that they want to make sure you have a good time. An example of Sticky Rice Lao Street Food’s sanitation is right in their kitchen, actually. One time I took a peek behind the front counter (it’s not a huge restaurant), and I could see inside the kitchen.

I unconsciously examined everything inside, and it was all sparkly clean. Even the kitchen’s exhaust hood was clean, which is no small feat. The owner must pay top dollar for Orlando hood cleaning services, or the chefs just use a separate kitchen and that one’s only for show. If you’re still not sure about eating here, make sure to look online at the positive reviews.

Blue Jacket Grille’s review is going to be super short, because there isn’t anything else I can really say that I haven’t already. The food is top-notch, the servers always make sure to keep up with your needs, and the tables are always clean. This restaurant’s found in the \Colonial Town Center area of Orlando. There are lots of great online reviews that don’t have anything negative to say about it, so if you’re dying to learn more then check online. Just remember, it was curiosity that killed the cat.