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New York City is definitely one of the most expensive cities to live in, and the high cost of living will surely prevent anyone with a normal income from eating out too much. I have been to New York City a few times, and it would be safe to say that I am pretty well acquainted with the cuisine. For anyone who is unfamiliar with which restaurants in New York CIty to visit, these reviews should help you spend your money efficiently.

great lobster new york city

Lobster might just be my favorite seafood of all time, so I think this review might be leaning towards the restaurant’s favor. But these are the best after all, so there wouldn’t be a restaurant with any cons on this list. There’s far too much great competition in New York City for that. Luke’s Lobster FiDi is the best seafood restaurant in New York City that I have been to. Located in New York City’s financial district, this is a great location for any of your business lunches.

I don’t know a single customer who would have a bad time eating here, unless they didn’t like seafood or something. There’s a certain risk when eating at seafood places, because seafood is the most likely to cause food poisoning. I checked online before eating at Luke’s Lobster FiDi, and there were no health or safety violations. Always nice to eat at a restaurant that follows the rules and regulations. Believe it or not, not every restaurant in New York City does.

That checks sanitation off the list, and now it’s time for the food. As I stated above, Luke’s Lobster FiDi is the best seafood restaurant in the city. The menu has a large selection, so don’t feel like you have to order the exact same thing every time. I only order the same thing each time because I love it so much. My favorite dish to order at this New York City restaurant is the Lobster Schooner.

You get a lobster roll, a pickle, chips, and Maine root soda. I have to say that root soda isn’t really one of my favorites, but I do enjoy it at Luke’s Lobster FiDi. My mouth is watering just thinking about the food. Most of the lower-end “seafood” restaurants that I have eaten at only give you small pieces of lobster, just enough to technically classify it as a lobster dish. At Luke’s Lobster FiDi, the chefs put nice, big chunks of lobster that are cooked to perfection.

A meal like this sounds super expensive, especially in a place like New York City. I’m glad to say that the prices are very affordable, which is part of the reason that I suggested Luke’s Lobster FiDi as a location for business lunches. You should be able to afford lunch for more than just yourself, although hopefully your associates will be considerate and avoid ordering everything on the menu. I know I would want to. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the financial district, however.

Luke’s Lobster has multiple locations in New York City alone, so you should never be too far from seafood. Even if you’re not that much into seafood, there are a nice amount of alternatives on the menu that you can try. But if you absolutely hate seafood, then you are probably better off eating elsewhere. It’s tough to tell if there are that many people in New York City who dislike seafood, because Luke’s Lobster FiDi has a ton of amazing online reviews.

italian restaurant in new york city

If there’s one thing that New York has a lot of, it’s Italian restaurants. Not just mom and pop locations, either. You can eat at a broad spectrum of Italian restaurants, from high-end to low-end. Antica Ristorante falls into the former category, and with good reason too. Again, you will be eating in New York City’s financial district. My favorite dish to order here is the roasted rack of lamb. Lamb isn’t for everyone, and Italian cuisine usually tends to contain lots of different spices on the meat.

Sometimes it’s too strong for me, but the lamb has a nice balance. Don’t fret if you are unfamiliar with Italian food, however. All of the staff has been very helpful to me with deciding on the best meal. The best salesman is an educator, after all. Each time, my server has asked me what my preferences are in food and then helped me pick something.

The proportions in each dish are great, so picking something that you will really enjoy is vital. I never have enough room for dessert afterwards, but I doubt that cleaning my plate helped me save room. Antica Ristorante is another New York City restaurant that has a very clean interior. One thing that a lot of restaurants skimp on (but I know about) is kitchen sanitation.

More importantly, cleaning the kitchen’s hood. It takes a specialist to do it right, and chefs don’t have the time or tools to clean it on their own. If Antica Ristorante is unhappy with their current hood cleaner, I fortunately know of one. I have a buddy who works for some great restaurant hood cleaners in New York City, and I have heard good things about their business.

They don’t just clean the hood, though. You can opt in for a commercial kitchen cleaning, and save the chefs some time so they can get back to what they do best. That’s the extent of my knowledge, but you can always read the about page if you’re dying to learn more. It would make sense for a hood cleaner with a lot of positive reviews to work with a restaurant that also has a lot of positive reviews.

new york city asian restaurant

Bao Bao Cafe can scratch that Asian food itch, if the other choices above haven’t interested you up to this point. Bao Bao Cafe is located in Rose Hill in New York City. The dishes that I typically order here are the fish tofu and eel over rice. Eel is great when it’s prepared the right way, and it really is here.

There isn’t a ton else I can say that hasn’t been covered in the other reviews, and you guys already know that I’m only going to have positive thoughts. This isn’t the top three worst restaurants in New York, after all. Each one of the friends in New York City that I have visited have left great online reviews, as well. It’s not just me who thinks these things.